In 2011, I picked up cosplay photography as a hobby. As I learned more about photography, I started playing with off mount flash and exploring various genres of photography—fashion, portrait, landscape, macro, product and event photography. As I picked up more skills, I became more interested in pursuing photography.

Here is a little about the origins of my page name, if you are curious 

Some time ago, I was enjoying dinner with a few friends. One of the dishes was an especially tasty stir fried pork that I had yet to try. While I was engrossed with conversation, a friend shouted across the table to me, “Mervyn the pork!” I instantly broke off my conversation and retorted, “No, I’m not the pork!”

Subsequently, this incident was shared with another group of friends at theme park. While I was waiting for them to finish their ride, they suddenly screamed “BBBAAAACCCOOOOONNNNN (Bacon)!”

Ever since that fateful day, my friends and acquaintances have referred to me as Bacon. I adapted this nickname and incorporated it into my page’s name—Nyvrem Porktography.

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